Friday, April 8, 2011

Professor Emeritus Nathan Azrin Receives NSU Lifetime Achievement Award for Research Contributions That Have Bettered Humanity

On February 1, 2011 Professor Emeritus Nathan Azrin was honored by NSU with the first Lifetime Achievement Award for Research Contributions That Have Bettered Humanity. Dr. Azrin, who retired from the university following 30 years of service, was recently granted Professor Emeritus status. A student of B.F. Skinner at Harvard, Azrin went on to publish hundreds of research studies that were used by other researchers at an unprecedented rate that placed him among the most cited psychologists in the world. His work transformed the lives of the mentally handicapped and those with problem behaviors. His findings are widely applied today in such areas as toilet training and alternatives to physical punishment (i.e. time out).

Dr. Azrin retired from NSU in August 2010.

CPS Master’s Program Receives DOE Approval

The Center for Psychological Studies Master’s Program in School Counseling has received full program approval from the Florida Department of Education. The School Counseling program is designed for the continued professional development of persons who presently serve or are interested in serving our youth and their families in an educational, Pre-K-12 setting. The training is based on a developmental model that emphasizes interdisciplinary collaboration, prevention, and responsive services.

CPS Presents at National Academy of Neuropsychology Conference

CPS faculty, alumni, and doctoral students presented on their research at the annual National Academy of Neuropsychology Conference that took place in Vancouver, British Columbia. The center had 33 posters accepted for presentation at the conference. This was a 100% acceptance rate.

CPS General Psychology Program Up and Running

The Center for Psychological Studies is pleased to announce that its newest program, a Master’s Degree in General Psychology welcomed its first class in January 2011. The Program is a 30-credit online program that will prepare students to develop foundational knowledge in psychological theory and research. Local, national, and international students may select this M.S. degree as an opportunity to obtain prerequisite courses to meet eligibility requirements for application to other psychology programs, including advanced doctoral studies

Howard Finkelstein Presents at CPS

The Center for Psychological Studies’ Forensic Concentration recently hosted a special presentation, How Can Lawyers and Psychologists Talk to One Another?, given by Howard Finkelstein, Broward County’s Chief Public Defender.

CPS Chancellor’s Research and Development Grants Involve Students

A priority of the center is to develop research expertise in students and thus, involvement of students in research studies is a goal. A few are highlighted below:

Comprehensive Analysis of Military Offenders

Professor Vincent Van Hasselt is the principal investigator on a research project whose objective is to conduct interviews of military offenders and to determine their motivations for committing acts of interpersonal violence; and use the resulting data to develop theoretical constructs designed to improve mitigation and prevention, preparedness, response, and recovery measures relating to acts of interpersonal violence. CPS doctoral student Andrea Brockman is co-investigator on the grant.

Exploring Biofeedback as an Assessment Tool in Sport-Related Concussion

Assistant Professor Stephen Russo is principal investigator on this study that will be used primarily to examine the utility of biofeedback as an assessment tool in the clinical management of sport-related concussion. Additionally, the study will seek to further explore the relationship between cerebral blood flow following sport-related concussion and mild traumatic brain injuries in a sample of high school and collegiate athletes. Andrew Kusienski (HPD) and four CPS doctoral students are co- investigators on the grant.

Latino Parental Acceptability towards the Human Papillomavirus Vaccine

Associate Professor Ana Fins is the principal investigator on a project that seeks to elucidate barriers to parental vaccine acceptability and help inform the development of interventions that can increase parental acceptability of the vaccine. Mindy Ma (FAR) and four CPS doctoral students are co- investigators on the grant.

Friday, February 25, 2011

CPS Professor Receives National Award

Ralph “Gene” Cash, Ph.D., associate professor at the Center for Psychological Studies, has been selected as the recipient of the National Association of School Psychologists, Government and Professional Relations Certificate of Appreciation Award. This award is being presented to Dr. Cash for his efforts to improve the educational outcomes of youth and to advocate for mental health services for children and families. Cash, who is a passionate advocate for children, has devoted much of his professional life to the Florida Association of School Psychologists (FASP), serving on an its Executive Board for more than 30 years and was instrumental in founding the FASP Children’s Services Fund.